Finding your new home can be stressful, but our experienced team can help to make this easy, with their extensive knowledge of the properties we have available and how to get through all the paperwork involved with renting a home. Tenants are always welcome in the office for help, advice or a chat.
We have a variety of properties to rent, Student, Professional and DSS.

Most of our Student properties are on and around Southfield Road, some are embarrassingly close to the University; you will never be late for lectures!
All our student properties are refurbished to the same high standard and are very different from the usual student accommodation.

The photos on our Properties to Let page give you an idea of what our properties look like. A great deal of care and attention has been taken to make sure that whatever home you choose it will be the envy of your friends. We listen to students and take their comments on board to provide the best possible homes for them to live in. Also it’s important to keep parents happy too.
Some of our large student houses have inclusive rents, including the Virgin Media’s latest VIVID 200 Optical Fibre.

Some of the properties shown are available for professionals too. Although most of the properties we have for families and working people are in and around Linthorpe, Stokesley and Great Ayton.

We have a number of family houses which are available for tenants claiming Housing Benefits or Working Tax Credits. These are all managed to the same high standard as all of our properties.

Details of all fees for all can be found on our Fees page.